Kett's rebellion: events, causes and significance

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1. Which of the following is NOT a reason why Kett's rebellion wasn't a serious threat?

  • The purpose was not to overthrow the government
  • The rebellion didn't march on London
  • It forced conflicts in Scotland and Spain to end
  • It lacked aristocratic participation
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2. How did Kett's Rebellion begin?

  • An attack on enclosure fences at a community feast
  • The murder of a local JP
  • Outrage at the introduction of the Edwardian Prayer book

3. What was the main religious cause of the rebellion

  • Incompetence of priests and clergy
  • Recently introduced legislation
  • Opposition to new monarch

4. What was the political structure of Kett's rebellion?

  • Kett had contact with potential supporters on the continent
  • Rebels led by the governing classes targeted the gentry and JPs because they were unhappy with the governance of the county.
  • Rebels included members of the gentry and targeted weak JPs

5. Where did Kett set up camp and write his list of articles?

  • Norwich
  • just outside London
  • Mousehold Heath
  • the Kent coast


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