Kennan's Long Telegram

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1. What was later claimed by the State Department?

  • That the intent behind the Telegram was not to start anti-communist attitudes
  • That the State Department wasn't impacted by the Long Telegram
  • The Marshall plan
  • The Truman Doctrine
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2. What did Kennan assume about Soviet leaders?

  • They didn't want to exploit disagreements with rivals
  • They felt surrounded by capitalist enemies
  • They wanted close relations with Asia
  • They wanted capitalist neighbours

3. What did the Long Telegram lead to?

  • Republican criticism of Truman's administration
  • McCarthyism
  • The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Aid
  • Rollback and Brinkmanship

4. What were some recommendations from the Telegram?

  • Focus on increased trade with Europe. Allow USSR all reparations they demand. Improve US economy. Act as worlds healer
  • Focus on US military improvement (nuclear weapon) Restore moral in Korea. Fill power vacuum in France.
  • Focus military strategy on USSR. Restore economic and political health to Europe. Fill power vacuum in Germany and Japan. Act as Chief Defender
  • Focus on introducing ground troops into Europe. Restoring American moral after WW2. Fill power vacuum in Greece.

5. What did the tone of the Telegram lead to?

  • The start of anti-capitalism in America
  • Bad feelings between USA and USSR
  • The start of anti-communism in America
  • Good relations with the Soviet Union


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