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2. What is Metabolic Rate?

  • The rate you body grows hairs and finger nails.
  • The rate your metabolism cleans your blood
  • The rate your body takes to make a chemical reaction
  • The rate at which you can move

3. Name two Viral pathogens.

  • Salmonella and Pneumonia
  • Chicken pox and Flu
  • Cholera and Food poisoning
  • Flu and Cholera

4. What types of illness can vaccinations protect you against?

  • Dieseases and sickness
  • Nausea and headaches
  • Bacerial and Viral Pathogens
  • Everything!

5. What do Viruses do to your cells?

  • Eat them
  • Use and damage them
  • Kill them
  • Cause them to mutate


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