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2. How do White blood cells defend your body from pathogens?

  • By rasing your body temperature
  • By breaking them apart by chemical processes
  • Ingesting them, Making anti-bodies and making anti-toxins
  • By taking the cell over and killing it from the inside

3. Name the 7 major food groups

  • Carbohydrates,Fat,Fibre,Mineral,Vitamins ,Proteins and Vegetables
  • Fat, Fibre, Minerals,Carbohydrates, Vitamins , Water and Take-away
  • Carbohydrates,Fat,Fibre,Mineral,Vitamins ,Proteins and Water
  • Carbohydrates,Fat,Fibre,Mineral,Vitamins ,Proteins and Sweets

4. How can you calculate BMI?

  • Your weight X 73 / 4 X height in inches
  • Body Mass (in kg) / (height in metres)2
  • Body Mass in KG X height in cm
  • Body Mass in G / (height in metres) + 2

5. How do you become immunised against a diesease?

  • By taking tablets of pathogens
  • By introducin a small amonut of dead or inactive pathogens of that diesase into your body
  • By taking anti-biotics
  • By catching that diesease and letting your body fight it naturally


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