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2. Medicines are:

  • The most digusting invention ever
  • Symptom relievers not pathogen killers
  • really useful and a great invention
  • Faster at killing pathogens than immunistaion and anti-biotics

3. What diseases are you more likely to get if you are overweight?

  • Malnutrition
  • Low Blood pressure, Lung dieasese
  • Diabetes,Arthritus , High blood pressure and heart diasease
  • Clogged artery

4. How do White blood cells defend your body from pathogens?

  • Ingesting them, Making anti-bodies and making anti-toxins
  • By taking the cell over and killing it from the inside
  • By rasing your body temperature
  • By breaking them apart by chemical processes

5. Name two Bacterial pathogens.

  • Flu and cholera
  • Cholera and Food poisoning
  • Hiccups and sneezing
  • Chicken pox and flu


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