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1. What is a culture medium?

  • A substance which speeds up a chemical reaction.
  • A new fashion trend which involves mixing two completely different cultures.
  • A substance containing the nutrients needed for microorganisms to grow.
  • A genetic disease that affects the lungs, digestive and reproductive systems.
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2. What is a mutation?

  • A change in the DNA
  • A change in the structure of cells
  • A new type of bacteria
  • A change in the structure of bones
  • A new type of food group

3. Why must everything be sterilised before you start a culture?

  • To kill off unwanted or harmful bacteria that will affect the results of the experiment.
  • To ensure that the bacteria made will be absolutely clean and healthy.
  • To make sure lots and lots of bacteria are produced rapidly.
  • To provide the culture lots of nutrients and energy needed to start a bacterial colony.

4. What form of a bacterium do vaccines have in them?

  • Inactive
  • Protective
  • Infective
  • Active

5. Who was the first to discover penicillin?

  • Ignaz Semmelweiss
  • Alexander Flemming
  • John Snow
  • Joseph Chamberlin


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