Treaty of Versailles and Peace Time

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1. What was the Hoare-Laval pact?

  • A treaty asking Germany to fight in Abyssinia
  • A pact giving 2 thirds of Abyssinia to Mussolini
  • A treaty asking Mussolini to leave the League of Nations
  • A peace treaty between France and Italy
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2. When was the Armistice Signed?

  • 11th December 1919
  • 11th November 1918
  • 11th November 1919
  • 11th December 1918

3. Where was demilitarised?

  • Rhineland
  • Northern Schleswig
  • Saar
  • Alsace-Lorraine

4. Who were the Four Council Members?

  • Britain, France, USSR, Italy
  • Britain, Italy, Germany, Japan
  • Japan, Britain, Italy, France
  • Britain, France, Italy, Germany

5. Who said they would 'hang the Kaiser'

  • Josef Stalin
  • George Clemenceau
  • Lloyd George
  • Woodrow Wilson


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