Kaiser to Fuhrer

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1. As a result, Germany faced a severe labour shortage, and relied heavily on foreign workers, whose productivity was significantly lower than native Germans. How much so?

  • 90% lower
  • 60-80% lower.
  • 20-30% lower.
  • 50% lower.
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2. The German war effort on the Eastern front was significantly weakened by the unexpecte cold winters. What else, imposed by the Soviets, weakened the war effort in the East?

  • Soviet Soldiers used the 'Scorched Earth' policy, leaving nothing behind for soldiers to use.
  • The USSR soldiers were used to the cold winters and were better fed.
  • The Soviets were better equipped than the German soldiers.
  • The Soviet Soldiers were equipped wth a constant supply of updated weaponry from the US.

3. What did the Office of the Four Year Plan, various parts of the SS, the Ministry of Economics the Ministry of Armaments and the army all squabble over at one point during the war?

  • The Responsibility of the German workforce
  • Methods for furthering the Economy
  • The Resposibility of Armaments production
  • How to ensure the troops were well-equipped

4. Select one key reason for Germany's lack of efficiency in its use of resorces during the war.

  • Htler did not care to fully equip soldiers- he was above such policies, so it never got done.
  • Goering insisted on using German-made goods which would have been cheaper if bought from abroad
  • Himmler used too much of the government budget ensuring that the SS were correctly catered for.
  • German soldiers did not use all of the resources that were given them.

5. What percentage of German workforce was involved in war-related labour in 1941?

  • 55%
  • 40%
  • 80%
  • 65%


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