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Where to Juries sit?
In the crown court
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How many jury members are there?
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Used in 1% of cases as the Magistrates deals with 97% of cases
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Requirements of sitting on a jury?
18-70 years old, registered as an elector, and UK resident for at least 5 years
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What people are disqualified?
Ineligible groups, disqualified groups, deferrals excusable, excusable as of right
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Ineligible groups?
Mentally ill
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Excusals as of right?
Served in the last two years, Majesty's force member
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What is vetting?
The defence have the right to carry out the following checks: routine police checks, terrorist cases, juror's background and security
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Help for the Jury?
Given limited help: direction, the right to ask questions whilst the case is going on, jurors are allowed to take notes, counselling in severe cases
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Jurors are entitled to absolute secrecy in their deliberations in the jury room
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Advantages of using juries?
Public confidence, jury equity (fairness), 'safety net',
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Disadvantages of using juries?
On acquittal there is no retrial, expense of a jury trial, defendants manipulate the system, juries return the wrong verdict; miscarriages of justice
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Problems with the jury?
Secrecy, prejudice, media coverage, high acquittal rates
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Law commission proposals?
Smaller juries, fewer excusals, greater support for jury members
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