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1. what is the special rule regarding armed forces members?

  • will be excused if commanding officer certifies absence
  • they are not excused from service
  • they cannot be chosen for jury service
  • they may appeal to be excused
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2. What is meant by 'discretionary excusal'?

  • where there is a good reason why a person cannot sit
  • where the court is closed
  • where a person refuses to sit on the jury
  • where a person is not allowed to sit on the jury

3. In which civil courts may a jury be used?

  • County Courts & High Courts
  • Royal Court
  • Crown Court
  • Magistrates Court

4. give two situations that would disqualify a juror

  • sick / in hospital
  • attending a wedding / funeral
  • Imprisoned for life / is on Bail
  • on holiday / not in the country

5. What are the age limits for Jury service?

  • 18 - 75
  • 18 -65
  • 18 - 85
  • 18 - 55



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