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2. What is the definintion of Ratio Decidendi?

  • Res Judicata
  • To stand by what has been decided
  • The meaning behind a decision
  • A case cannot be re-opened once the final decision has been made

3. What is a Binding precedent?

  • A precedent that must be followed by all lower courts that are under common legal systems
  • A precedent that Judges use for advice but do not have to follow, can be used as an obiter dicta
  • Finding different facts about two cases
  • A higher court overruling a law made in a case of a lower court

4. What is the correct hierarchy for the Criminal Court?

  • Magistrates > High (QBD) > COA (Criminal) > Crown > Supreme
  • Magistrates > Crown > High (QBD) > COA (Criminal) > Supreme
  • High (QBD) > Magistrates > Crown > COA (Criminal) > Supreme
  • Magistrate > COA (Criminal) > Supreme > Crown > High (QBD)




good but could be a little bit longer with more questions, but I do know how long these take to make.

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