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2. Roberta Suzzi Valli found what about Florence and Bologna?

  • Florence and Bologna have 1/3 of all Squad members
  • Florence and Bologna make up a quarter of all Fasci (1921)
  • Florence and Bologna have 50% of all Squad members
  • 60% from Florence and Bologna are Squad members

3. Who came up with the 'Brutalisation theory'?

  • Roger Griffiths
  • Robert Gellately
  • George Mosse
  • Sarah Davies

4. What did Pamela Sweet find?

  • The SA often fought rivals on the street and killed them
  • The SA fought communists on the streets and held them prisoner
  • That SA fought communists on the streets, often knew them, and tried to win them over (lots of movement)
  • The SA didn't know who they were beating up and often picked on random people

5. Who joined the Squads?

  • Upper class business men
  • old, skilled workers
  • Young, unemployed, violent and lost men
  • working class men


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