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what is expenditure?
all the businesses costs
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what are over heads?
everyday running costs.
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what is the formual for total costs?
fixed costs + variable costs = total costs
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what is break even ?
compares a firm total revenue with its total costs to indify the minimum sales level needed to make a profit.
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what is the breakeven point?
number of sales where toal revenue and total costs are the same number
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name some problems of breakeven
mistakes could be made with calcualtions, it is only prediction
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cash inflow is....
the amount of money entering a businesses bank account.
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cash out flow
the amount of money leaving a businesses bank account.
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net cash flow
the differences between the cash inflow and outflow.
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what is the formula for net cashflow?
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cash balance
what a busienss has at start of a month.
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cash flow forecast is....
prediction of the movement of cash into and out of a business over a period of time.
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name some purposes of cashflow forecast
to plan ahead for any potential problems and fix them.
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what is a budget?
amount of money a business owner has to start its business.
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why do they set budgets?
try to control their finances carefully and also help the business to achieve its aims and objectives.
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name some benfits of budgatary control ?
budget set for next period,clear targets to work towards,budgets can be monitored,help to reduce waste
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what is variances?
the difference between the actuall figure that happens and the budgeted figures.
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what is variances anaylasis?
investigating why variances have occured and anaylsing their impact on the business.
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causes of variances?
unxpected outflows,increased advertising,special offers,market trends,incorrect calculations, changes to taxations.
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fixed assests
items the business owns for more than a year
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current assests
items the business own for less than a year
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current liabilities
debts that will be repaid whitin a year
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long term liabilities
debts that the business has a long term to pay back
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customers who still owe the business money
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suppliers the buisness owns money to
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work capital
the cash business has available to run it self day to day.
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share holders funds
capital employed
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retained profit
profit carried over a form the previous year.
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name some internal sources of finance
sales of assests, retaind profit,owners capital
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name some external sources of finance
mortgage,overdraft,bank loans,government grant, trade credit.
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what are over heads?


everyday running costs.

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what is the formual for total costs?


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what is break even ?


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what is the breakeven point?


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