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2. When was JFK assassinated?

  • December 1962
  • November 1963
  • January 1964
  • August 1963

3. Robert Kennedy (Attorney General and JFK's brother) prosecuted people...

  • who tried to prevent black people from voting.
  • that were racist.
  • who refused to accept integration in schools.

4. Why did the university prevent James Meredith from registering?

  • Because he didn't have enough money to pay fees.
  • Because he was black.
  • Because he wasn't academically gifted.

5. How did JFK ensure Meredith could take his place at the university?

  • He sent the National Guard and federal troops to the university, and had soldiers remain on Campus for the 3 years Meredith was there.
  • He sent the police to protect him at the university.
  • He banned discrimination of all types in education.


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