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2. When rioting followed James Meredith's arrival at university, how many troops were needed to keep order?

  • 23,000
  • 11,000
  • 1,800
  • 29,500

3. Stories and photos of the events at Birmingham in May 1963 were published worldwide. What was JFK's response to this?

  • "I felt proud"
  • "I felt ashamed"
  • "I felt humiliated"
  • "I felt useless"

4. Robert Kennedy (Attorney General and JFK's brother) prosecuted people...

  • who tried to prevent black people from voting.
  • that were racist.
  • who refused to accept integration in schools.

5. Following the violent scenes in Birmingham in 1963 JFK...

  • held meetings at the White House with African American leaders to make alliances with them.
  • held meetings at the White House to pretend he was too busy to respond to such events.
  • avoided responsibility by getting his brother, Robert Kennedy, to hold meetings with the Civil Rights leaders at the White House.


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