JFK + Civil Rights

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1. Robert Kennedy (Attorney General and JFK's brother) prosecuted people...

  • who tried to prevent black people from voting.
  • that were racist.
  • who refused to accept integration in schools.
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2. By the time JFK was assassinated, how many measures did he have stuck in Congress?

  • 26
  • 97
  • 54
  • 102

3. JFK appointed black Americans to...

  • important government positions.
  • badly paid jobs.
  • positions that others didn't want to do.

4. Stories and photos of the events at Birmingham in May 1963 were published worldwide. What was JFK's response to this?

  • "I felt useless"
  • "I felt humiliated"
  • "I felt ashamed"
  • "I felt proud"

5. Both the Kennedy's held meeting with the main civil rights groups, including SNCC, CORE and the NAACP. Between them they formed the ... which was intended to help black Americans to register to vote and so increased the number of black voters.

  • Educating Voters Programme
  • Fairer Voting Regulation Committee
  • Voter Education Project
  • Committee for Fairer Voting


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