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What three bible books state that the sabbath must be a day of rest?
Exodus- it os one of the 10 commandments, genesis- the lord rested on the seventh day, deuteronomy where it states that servants and animals should be included as well.
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What happens at the start of the man with the paralysed hand?
Jesus went back to the synagogue, where there was a man with a paralysed hand. There were some people there who wanted to accuse Jesus of doing wrong, so they watched him closely to see if he would heal the man on the sabbath.
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What did Jesus ask the people?
What does our law allow us to do on the sabbath? To help or to harm? To save a man's life or too destry it.
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How did Jesus feel when looking at the people?
But they did not say a thing. Jesus was angry as he looked around at them, but at the same time he felt sorry for them, because they were so stubborn and wrong.
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Why was the paralyzed hand significant?
Jesus was seen by the jewish authorities to be breaking the law of not working on the sabbath, which in jewish law was punishable by death. However, we see Jesus trying to get them to understand that life is more important then protecting old laws.
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Why did the incident in the temple court happen?
Because Jesus was angry to see the court being used for trade, thus further preventing gentiles from having the opportunity to get close to God- and Jesus believed everyone had this right.
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What did jesus do when he entered the temple?
He overturned the tables of moneychangers and the stools of those who stole pigeons.
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What did Jesus say in the temple?
“It is written in the Scriptures that God said, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer for the people of all nations.’ But you have turned it into a hideout for thieves!”
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why was the incident in the temple important?
Because Jesus was signing his own death warrant by doing this. As Jesus said, the sanhedrin were preventing gentiles getting to God because of trading. Some christians believe limited violence was only way to get message across, so anger justified
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What did the pharisees and herodians ask Jesus?( taxes story)
Teacher, we know that you tell the truth, without worrying about what people think. You pay no attention to anyone's status, but teach the truth about God's will for people. Tell us, is it against our Law to pay taxes to the Roman Emperor?
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what did Jesus say at the end of the question on paying taxes?
pay to the emperor what belongs to the emperor and pay to God what belongs to God
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What was important about the question on paying taxes
jesus managed to avoid angering either the romans or the jews by answering cleverly, and by asking for a coin that was considered to be breaking on of the 10 commandments showed the pharisees to be supporting it- he therefore left them the decision.
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What does the taxes story show us?
that we should sccept the ruling authority, as we have duties to both the state and God- as shown by st paul when he says:“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities….Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes...
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Are Christians taught to obey the authority of both religous an secular powers?
Yes, as they all have been given thge power by God.
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Name one example of christians defying the laws of a secular authority
In the late 1900's a new income tax was introduced where all British adults had to pay the same amount regardless of their salary. Some Christians were strongly against this cause they felt it was unjust for people on lower wages to pay the same.
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Where did Jesus go to call levi?
Jesus went bakc to the shore of Lake Gailiee
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Who was Levi's father?
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What two words did Jesus say to Levi?
Follow me
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Who joined Jesus and his disciples at the table in Levi's house?
large number of tax collectors and other outcasts was following Jesus, and many of them joined him and his disciples at the table.
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When asked why he was eating with these people, what did Jesus say?
“People who are well do not need a doctor, but only those who are sick. I have not come to call respectable people, but outcasts.”
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What was important about Jesus calling levi?
Jesus chose to call a man hated by all the jews for his job. He was also eating with people who quite knowingly broke the Jewish laws, yet he claimed to be doing God's work? jesus wanted to show that he wanted to save everyone- healing their spirit.
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IN the story 'Jesus heals a man', what did the man do and say to Jesus
A man suffering from a dreaded skin disease came to Jesus, knelt down and begged him for help. "If you want to", he said. " You can make me clean."
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Jesus responded by saying what?
I do want to,he said. Be clean!
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Jesus spoke sternly and sent him away, saying what?
Listen, don't tell anyone about this. But go straight to the high priest and let him examine you; then in order to prove to everyone that you are cured, offer the sacrifice that moses ordered.
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What did the man with leprosy do after Jesus sent him away?
He went away and spread the news everywhere. he talked so much that Jesus could not go into a town publicly. Instead he stayed out in lonely places and people came from everywhere to see him.
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Why were Jesus actions in the man with leprosy suprising?
Because, though the man shouldnt have approached a rabbi anyway- according to Jewish law not only was he at risk of contracting the disease but he was now contaminated.
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What qualities does Jesus show in this story?
he shows his power and authority through the actual miracle, but also compassion, as he wants the man to go straight to get a certificate of cure to enable him to be accepted back into society.
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The greek womans daughter- where did jesus go?
Jesus left and went away to the territory near the city of tyre. He went into a house and didnt want anyone to know he was there, but could not stay hidden.
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Greek woman's daughter- who came to Jesus and what was wrong?
A woman, whose daughter had an evil spirit in her came at once and fell at his feet. She was a gentile from syria.
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She begged Jesus to drive the demon out of her daughter, then how did Jesus respond?
Let us first feed the children. It isn't right to take the children's food and throw it to the dogs.
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Once Jesus said this statement about children and dogs, what did the woman say?
Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the children's leftovers.
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Because of the greek woman's faith, what did Jesus say to her?
Because of that answer, go back home, where you will find the demon has gone out of your daughter.
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What is the understanding behind this story?
The woman was asking that as the jews had already recieved the good news, the gentiles should too. Her belief that Jesus has God's power was shown here and as this impressed jesus, her faith was rewarded and the depth of it shown by her trust in it.
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What is important to modern day christians about jesus attitude to outcasts?
. Jesus’ attitude to those who were despised shows that for some christians, prejudice and discriminationare unacceptable. Jesus accepted people as they were. He made a point of seeking out and befriending those who were excluded form society,
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The women who touched Jesus cloak- what was wrong with the woman and how long had she suffered from it?
There was a woman who had suffered terribly from severe bleeding for twelve years, even though she had been treated by many doctors.
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What had happened to her over this time- women who touched Jesus cloak?
She had spent all her money, but instead og getting better she got worse all the time.
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What did the woman think and do?
If I can just touch his clothes, I will get well. She touched his clothes and her bleeding stopped at once and hse had the feeling inside herself that she was healed of her trouble.
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What did Jesus do after the woman touched his cloak?
He turned to the crowd and asked 'who touched my clothes'
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Jesus disciples responded by asking why he asked this question. The woman realized what had happened to her, so she came, knelt at his feet and told him the whole truth. What did Jesus say?
My daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your troubles.
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What did Jesus do at the start of Jairus daughter?
He went back across to the other side of the lake
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As a large crowd gathered around him, who came to Jesus?
Jairus, an official of the local synagogue
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What did Jairus do?
arrived and when he saw Jesus thre himself down at his feet and begged him earnestly: "My little daughter is very ill. Please come and place your hands on her so that she will get well and live!"
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What did Jesus do after Jairus asked this
He started off with him
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After the woman touched Jesus cloak, some messengers arrived from Jairus house?
Your daughter has died. Why bother the teacher any longer?
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What was Jesus' response?
He paid no attention to what they said, but told him "Dont be afraid, only believe"
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He didnt let anyone else go on with him except Peter and James and his brother john. When they arrived at Jairus house, where Jesus saw the confusion and heard all the loud crying and wailing, he went in and said what to them?
Why all this confusion? why are you crying? The child is not dead, she is only sleeping
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They laughed at him, so he put them all out, took the child's father and mother and three disciples and went into the room where the child was lying. He took her by the hand and said...?
"Talitha Koum" which means little girl i tell you to get up.
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She got up at once and started walking around- she was 12 years old. When this happened, they were complety amazed. What did Jesus do finally?
But Jesus gave them strict orders not to tell anyone and he said "Give her something to eat"
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Why were Jairus actions surprising?
Because he was a religous official, and must of them didnt get on with Jesus.
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Where did Blind Bartimaeus take place?
They came to Jericho
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Who was Bartimaeus' father?
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What did Bartimaeus start to shout as he was sat by the side of the road, and even more loudly when the people scolded him?
Son of David take pity on me
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Jesus stopped and said "call him!" What did the people say to bartimaeus then?
cheer up! Get up, he is calling you
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He threw off his cloak, jumped up and came to Jesus. What did Jesus ask him?
What do you want me to do for you?
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"Teacher", he answered," I want to see again. How did Jesus respond and what happened?
Go, Jesus told him, your faith has made you well. At once he was able to see and followed Jesus on the road.
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Jesus went back to the synagogue, where there was a man with a paralysed hand. There were some people there who wanted to accuse Jesus of doing wrong, so they watched him closely to see if he would heal the man on the sabbath.

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