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2. Who were "Spaniels to the King, wolves to the people"? (-Neville)

  • James' royal favourites
  • The Dutch
  • The Catholics
  • The nobility

3. What was James' response to Puritans wanting to abolish Bishops and achieve church equality in 1604

  • "Charm me"
  • "I object!"
  • "No Bishop no King!"
  • "Money"

4. What monetary dispute of 1606 led to James publishing the contreversial 'Book of Rates'?

  • Purveyance
  • The Bates Case
  • Impositions
  • The Cockayne Project

5. With what was James I said to have been "triumphantly successful" by J.P Kenyon

  • Dealing with the Catholics after the Gunpowder plot
  • The Hampton court conference Jan 1604
  • Foreign policy with the Dutch
  • Financing his frivolous spending


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