Jack the Ripper

Who is Jack the Ripper?
An unidentified serial killer active in the summer or 1888 in the Whitechapel district of London. He was not the first mass murderer to strike, but the first too in a busy city and not get caught.
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Who were his victims?
Mary Ann Nicohls, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Kelly
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Victim 1: Mary Ann Nicohls-31st August 1888
Mary was a prostitute and a servant. She had five children and a husband when she died.
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Victim 2: Annie Chapman-8th September 1888
Annie was a prostitute who had one child who died at twelve years old and was also divorced. Her father was a soldier.
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Victim 3: Elizabeth Stride-30th September 1888
Elizabeth was not a prostitute but did sewing and house cleaning. She was born in Sweden to a farmer. She was one of the murders on the night where jack the ripper made two murders.
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Victim 4: Catherine Eddowes-30th September 1888
Catherine was a prostitutr and had 11 siblings. Sh ewas part of the double murder.
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Victim 5: Mary Jane Kelly
Mary was a prostitute and was married to a guy named dave. She also had 11 siblings
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Modus Operandi
The ripper may have been a butcher or a doctor because he usually took out organs and dug inside the body. This suggests he was also male because women couldnt have those jobs.
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Who were the main suspects
Montague Druitt, George Chapman, Carl Feighenbaun, Aaron Kosminski, Walter Sickert, Francis Craig, Dr Thomas Neill Cream, Prince Albert Victor
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Suspect 1: Montague Druitt
Montague Druitt had a traumatic childhood and was a doctor. 7 weeks after the last murder was commited he was found dead in a river(suicide), and after that-the murders stopped. But the night of some murders he said he was playing cricket(at night)?
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Suspect 2: George Chapman
George Chapman lived in the area and was known for abusing women and that he already poisoned two of his wives.
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Suspect 3: Carl Feighenbaun
He worked in the area but lived quite far. He was working in the area at all times of the murders. he is also physco path and got convicted for slitting a woman's throat.
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Suspect 4: Aaron Kosminski
His DNA was found on her shawl and he also lived in the area. He also had a strong hate for women.
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Suspect 5: Walter Sickertt
Walter was impotent and may have needed a sort of sex fulfillment and he also drew hints in his drawings about murders (at leasts thats what people gathered)
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Suspect 6: Francis Craig
Francis had a mental illness and was married to Mary Kelly so may have been mad at her for her job.
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Suspect 7: Dr Thomas Neill Creamm
Confessed to it during execution but he was in prison at the time of the murders and there is no further evidence. He may just want fame.
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Suspect 8: Prince Albert Victor
Prince Albert Victor was supposedly taking drugs and apparently got a woman pregnant but wanted to keep it secret so killed her but he was scared she told her friends so he killed them. It was a conspiracy theory and he did live far.
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Why did people not want a police force?
Public thought taxes would be raised for the payment of police officers, freedom would be taken away, government might use the police against the people and they couldnt keep the publci safe.
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London in 1888
It was the largest city and trading centre in the world. The east end was poor, dark and dangerous. The west end was well bult, wealthy and well-lit.
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Nature: What type of source is it? Origin: Who wrote it? Purpose: Why was it written? Who was it written for?
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Does Jack the ripper live in the area?
He cant have got public transport because he was probably a mess. He knows the area and it is near a surgery. All the murders were around the same area.
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What type of person was he?
Jack the Ripper was a butcher or doctor because he usually took out organs and dug inside the body. This suggests he was also male because women couldnt have those jobs.
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What similarities about the victims?
They all have slit throats, all are women(prostitutes), they were all in 1888 and within 15 miles within eachother.
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What did he probably look like?
25-40 years old. A man. Dark clothes. 5'5-6'. Moustache
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Why cant we trust this?
Most people out at that time were drunk so arent reliable eye witnesses.
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Why did the police struggle to solve the ripper murders?
Eye-witness acounts, The letters, Newspaper interference, Lack of reward, No forensic evidence, Police problems.
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Eye witness accounts
People were not out that late at night and if they were they were probably drunk and there were so many different accounts.
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The letters
There were so many letters of people claiming to be Jack the Ripper that the police had to go through all of them and didnt know which ones were acctually fake.
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Newspaper Interference
There was a dear boss letter that the press withheld for three days and the police say if they had given it earlier that may have had a better chance of finding Jack the Ripper.
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Lack of Reward
If there was a reward more people would try to find him and put in their eye witness acounts but others may also put fake information which may hinder the police.
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No forensic evidence
I think this is very important becasue there was DNA found on a victims shawl and if they had figured this out earlier they could have figured out if it was acctually him.
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Police problems
There was two police forces that didnt share information and when the public complained to the government, new police were put in and had to start the investigation again.
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Sentence starters
This source is useful for..., This is shown in the source by..., This suggests that..., Therefore the source can be useful...,
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Who were his victims?


Mary Ann Nicohls, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Kelly

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Victim 1: Mary Ann Nicohls-31st August 1888


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