Italian Unification 1849-60 Factual Revision Quizzes & Flashcards


Tests & Quizzes - Part 3...

...On the events of 1849-59 as part of revision for the OCR AS level History paper on Italian Unification.

This resource contains 35 different questions on the period in question and can be used as Flashcards, a quiz, a crossword & a wordsearch. You should (hopefully) get different questions each time you do a quiz. 

Also check out Mr Podesta's Italian Unification Podcasts & PowerPoints -

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1. The name of Garibaldi's specialist guerilla corps of 3000 devoted men who lived in the mountains & forests and launched small scale attacks on the Austrians

  • Forest Poachers
  • Alpine Hunters
  • Black Hands
  • Red Wolves
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2. The society founded in 1856 in Piedmont, with the aim of promoting Italian Unity

  • Piedmontese
  • National
  • Italian
  • Royal

3. The name of the leader of the centre-left at the time of the parliamentary alliance in 1851/2

  • D'Azaglio
  • Rattazzi
  • De Revel
  • Balbo

4. The month in 1852 in which Cavour was asked by Victor Emmanuel II to become Prime Minister of Piedmont

  • October
  • September
  • November
  • December

5. The name of the battle that took place on the 4th June 1859

  • Novara
  • Magenta
  • Custozza
  • Solferino


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