IT GCSE - Unit 1.2 Revision (Living in a Digital World)

This is a quiz based on the Unit 1 IT exam that'll be coming up this spring. This is the second subcategory of all the things you'll need to know.

For Unit 1.1, follow this link:  IT GCSE - Unit 1.1 Revision (Living in a Digital World)

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1. What is 'Meta Data'?

  • The date, time, camera and shutter speed of the digital item.
  • The manufacturing qualities of a specific item and the warranty on it.
  • The data that's attached to a specific digital device depending on how long it's been in active use.
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2. What is a Microchip?

  • An average sized electronic circuit used to control most computers and many electronic devices.
  • A miniature electronic circuit used to control computers and most other electronic devices.
  • A microscopic electronic circuit used to control computers and some electronic devices.

3. What is convergence?

  • Where one device is developed to carry out the functions that were originally performed by several different devices.
  • A marketing method used to sell more electronic devices in town centres and cities.
  • A way of tracking how many electronic devices are sold in a year.

4. What is 'Biometrics'?

  • An automated method of collecting data from servers around the world.
  • An automated method of recognising a person based on physical characteristics.
  • An automated method of sensing dangers related to global warming.

5. What is 'Cloud Computing'?

  • A system where all data uploaded is stored in a central server so it can be accessed anywhere.
  • A system where scientists analyse clouds and their movements around the globe.
  • A company that creates catchy titles for other organisations.


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