1 What are the six articles of faith?
Tawhid,angels,books,prophets,judgement and fate
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2 What side of Islam believe in the six articles of faith?
Sunni Islam
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3 What is the Usul Ad-din?
judgement, fate,prophets,books and one god
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4 What part of Islam believe in the Usual Ad din?
Shiah Islam
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5 Beliefs about the oneness of God
God is an undivided entity, only God should be worshipped and although Mohammed is a prophet and the last one he is not worshipped
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6 Beliefs about the supremacy of Gods will
God is the one and only creator,God is all powerful and holds utmost authority
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7 Oneness quote
"God has not taken to Himself any son ,nor is there any God with him"
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8 What are the arch angels?
Gods first creation,status is lower than humans,cannot sin and do not have free will
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9 Who are the arch angels and which angel is which?
Jibril - revelation. Mika'il - mercy. Israfil - judgement. Izra'il - death.
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10 Angels quote
"I believe in Allah,in His angels" (Iman Mufassil)
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11 Muslim views towards predestination
God knows about everything therefore everything is already determined for you (sunnis) in the book of decrees.You have to believe in predestination and it encourages believers to be responsible for their actions
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12 Predestination quote
"Only what God has decreed will happen to us" (Quran 9:51)
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13 What do sunnis believe about judgement?
God knows everything and only what God has decreed for us will happen
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14 What do shiahs believe about judgement?
Believe they have a choice and free will thoughout their lives to change what God has decreed to be told on judgement day
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15 What is Ahkirah?
The belief that this life is a preparation for the eternal one to come
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16 What is Al Qadar?
belief that everything that happens will happen because of the decree of Allah.He is all-knowing,Gods already decreed,God has ultimate power and He is the creator
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17 What is Risalah?
The belief in prophethood, the channel of communication between Allah and mankind.(Quran)
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18 Risalah/prophethood quote
"God sent prophets as bearers of good news and as warners and revealed to them the book of truth" (surah 2:153
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19 Who were the prophets?
Isa,Adam,Abraham,Musa and Mohammed
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20 Roles of Isa,Abraham,Adam and Mohammed
Isa - died and saved humanity.Adam - first human created.Abraham - established monotheism,Mohammed - last prophet that the Quran was revealed to
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21 What is a rasul?
A messenger sent by Allah (prophets who are given messages to gice to humans) like Mohammed and Musa with the Quran and Torah
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22 What is a Nabi ?
A prophet that promotes and reinforces the message of the previous rasuls as not every prophet is also a messenger
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23 Importance of Prophet Adam for muslims
Adam was the first human to be created,Shows that God is the father of the human race and is the most powerful being
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24 Importance of Prophet Adam - quote
"One of his signs is that He created you from dust" (Quran 32:7&9)
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25 Importance of Prophet Ibrahim for muslims
Ibrahim showed the people that they should only be praying to God by smashing the idols. He created monotheism.When he was sentenced to death a miracle happened in which the fire only burned his chains and he walked out completely fine.
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26 What does the 'seal of prophets' mean?
Muhammeds imprint on history is as final as a wax seal on a letter
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27 Muhammed is the last prophet - quote
"I am like unto that one missing brick and i am the last in line of the prophets"
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28 How does the belief in prophets influence believers today?
Helps others to realise Muhammeds importance,7 key messengers,leading a good life,guiding the people of Islam.
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29 Why is the concept of the pillar important in Islam?
strengthens the ummah,closer to God,worshipping God as if you can see him, and its the foundation of the faith.
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30 What are the ten obligatory acts of Shi'a Islam?
Salah,Sawm,Zakah,Khums,Hajj,Jihad,Amr-bil-maruf,Nahi ahil manukar-Tawallah and Tabarra
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31 What is Salah?
Prayer.priorisiting Allah,continous remembrance of God throughout the day
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32 Salah - quote
"The first matter that the slave will be brought to account for on the day of judgement is the prayer"
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33 What is Sawm?
Fasting,develops compassion and sacrifice and is less materialistic as you are struggling together
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34 Sawm - quote
"fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescirbed to thoe before you,that you may learn piety and righteousness"
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35 What is Hajj?
pilgrimage,the ultimate goal,regularly obeying the pillars as Hajj embodies the pillars
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36 Hajj - quote
"And proclaim that the people shall observe hajj pilgrimage"
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37 What is Zakat?
Giving to charity,purification of your wealth and your income is seen as impure without this
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38 Zakat - quote
"Any charity you give,or any charitable pledge you fufill,God is fully aware thereof"
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39 What is Khums?
20% tax on income,developing for the religion,for the government/charity
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40 What is Jihad?
The struggle to maintain your faith,defending yourself and struggling to do something
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41 What is Amr-bil-maruf?
Encouraging others to do well, shos selflessness and pride
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42 What is Naril anil manukar?
discouraging from wrong,not being a bystander and speaking your mind - having opinions on things
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43 What is Tabarra?
Dissassociating from enemies,staying away from people that contradict your faith
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44 What is Tawallah?
being loving toward others,always being grateful and appreciative
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45 What are the 5 pillars of islam?
Shahadah,Salah,Zakat,sawm and hajj
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46 What is shahadah?
Only one God,prophet Muhammed is his messenger and its a declaration of faith to be a muslim
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47 Roles of an imam in Shi'a Islam
Believe in the 'twelve imams' they believe the community to be spiritual and political successors to prophet muhammed.Chosen by God to promote Islam vaklues.Free from committing sin.guidance for the community
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48 Roles of an imam in Sunni Islam
They do not believe the 12 imams are direct successors however they do respect them and some do eve make pilgrimage to their holy shrines.Sunnis believe that the 4 caliphs were ds.Abu Bakr,Umar,Uthman and Ali
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49 Duties of a muslim in Ramadan
fast during daylight hours,Get up before sunrise to eat+drink,meals with family,prayers and readings from Quran,Focus on God,make sacrifices
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50 Benefits of Ramadan
Strengthens your faith,forgiveness for sins and give to charity
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51 Which people can be excused from fasting?
pregnant women,nursing babies,children,ill people and breastfeeders
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52 making up for your fast - quote
"anyone who is ill or on a journey should makeup for the loss days by fasting on other days later"
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53 What is Ashura for Sunni muslims?
Muhammed adopted this pracitce after observing jews in Medina fasting on this day
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