Is it fair?

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1. What does injustice mean?

  • Treating people differently because of their race , gender , class ect
  • Judging a person without knowing anything about them
  • With-holding human rights
  • Being treated the same
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2. What does identity mean?

  • Your faith
  • Your thoughts
  • Personality or character of an individual
  • Your favourite colour

3. Which of these is a Christians view on wealth and charity?

  • Giving to others is a duty
  • If you give to charity you will go to hell
  • We shouldn't waste our money on those in need
  • Giving to others will not help us enter heaven

4. Which of these is a Muslims view on wealth and charity?

  • Wealth is a gift from Allan to be cared for
  • Giving to charity devalues people
  • Voluntary payments are not encouraged
  • People shouldn't fulfil the duty called Zakah

5. What is the meaning of authority?

  • With-holding human rights
  • Being an author
  • Having a right or power over others
  • Showing your personality


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