Iran/Iraq War

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1. Why did the Iran Iraq war last so long?

  • poor tactics and foreign involvement
  • lack of military experience and lack of foreign support
  • decreased populations and wek weapons
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2. When was Iraq invaded by Arabs?

  • 5th century
  • 7th century
  • 6th century

3. What occurs in 1954 to encourage cooperation from the NIOC?

  • European Oil Convention
  • Iranian Oil Participants Ltd
  • Anglo-Iranian Oil Consortium

4. What happened to Iraq after the war?

  • economy weakened due to military spending
  • economy boomed and support for Saddam rose
  • population starved due to sanctions

5. How many Shiites were deported to Iran in 1980?

  • 2.1 million
  • 1.2 million
  • 1.7 million


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