Ionising radiation

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1. an atom that emits beta particles-

  • is destroyed
  • loses all its other electrons
  • still has other electrons around the nucleus
  • also emits alpha particles
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2. How can gamma rays be stopped?

  • Thick lead
  • nothing can stop them
  • paper
  • aluminium

3. What's an ion?

  • A metal
  • An atom that has an electrical charge as it as lost/gained electrons
  • An atom that has been exposed to radiation
  • what I use to get the creases out my shirt

4. From shortest to longest, order the length ionising radiation forms can travel

  • Gamma, Alpha,Beta
  • Alpha,Beta,Gamma
  • Gamma, Beta, Alpha
  • Alpha,Gamma,Beta

5. From most to least ionising, order the types of ionising radiation

  • beta,alpha,gamma
  • alpha,gamma,beta
  • alpha, beta,gamma
  • gamma,beta,alpha


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