Introductory Sociology

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What is nature?
Things that you are born with and ar innate eg genetrical traits
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What is nurture?
How you are brought up and how you were socialised, how society has made you the person you are
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What is culture?
All the things that you learn are shaped by society, or a group, passed on from one generation to the next
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What are norms?
Rules that govern our behaviour, some norms are formal and some are informal
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What are values?
Principles/goals/guidelines that we aim for in society
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What are sanctions?
A form of social control, can be anything to encourage people to abide by social norms
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What are subcultures?
Cultural variations within society, religious groups, chavs goths etc
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What is primary socialisation?
From birth until you go to school, tauaght by the family, includes basic skills and language skills
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What is secondary socialisation?
Taught by other agencies mainly by school but also by wider society eg peers, media, religion
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What is socialisation?
Learning how to become a member of a society and culture
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What is sociology?
The study of society and how individuals or groups can impact you
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What is your status?
Your position in society
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What is achieved status?
Status that you work for and gain youself such as becoming a doctor or a lawyer
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What is ascribed status?
Status that you were born into, and didnt work for, eg royalty
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What is a role?
Those who occupy a status are expected to follow certain norms of behaviour
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What is a structural theory?
A theory that focuses on society influences us, we have no choice as there is a structure set out for us to follow
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What is a social action theory?
A theory that focuses on an individual and how they can change society, they belive we have free will over our actions
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What is a macro theory?
A theory that is structural and large scale
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What is a micro theory?
A theory that is a social action theory and is on a smaller scale
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Name 3 structural macro theories
Functionalism, Marxism and feminism
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Outline functionalism
They belive we all have equal chances to succeed, they prefer the nuclear family as they belive that a set family structure socialises children properly, beieve we have a sense of belonging to society for it to fucntion
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Outline feminism
They belive that society is patriarchal, that men are dominant as they exploit and rely on women
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Outline Marxism
Parents have to work for the rich to support their family, working class are exploited for their labour as they have to sell their labour to survive
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Outline a modern society
A moden society is industrial, based on social and technological change, belive in progress in science, believe we have set structures but these are changing
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Outline a post modern society
Society is post industrial, change is rapid but uneven, started to lose faith in science, some illness can't be cured and IT and media play a central role
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What do modern sociolgists believe?
That we share a common culture or class identity
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What do post modern sociologists believe?
Tat society is now fragmented into a wide variety of different groups
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Define ethnicity
Refers to a shared culture thta have a shared heritage and cultural language as well as the same language and religion
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What is nurture?


How you are brought up and how you were socialised, how society has made you the person you are

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What is culture?


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