DNA - the genetic material

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1. Who articulated the existence of genes and the rules governing their transmission from generation to generation

  • Gregor Mendel
  • Frederick Griffiths
  • Colin McLeod
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2. Friedrich Miescher isolated DNA from what?

  • Hair
  • Pus
  • Skin
  • Eggs

3. The hepatitis C virus is a ___________ RNA virus

  • Single stranded
  • Double stranded

4. Oswald Avery, Maclyn McCarty and Colin MacLoad made advancements on Griffith's experiment by determining that ___

  • The substance causing the transfromation of R to virulent S was DNA
  • The offspring of the parents often contained the same genes

5. Who discovered a weak acid abundant in the nuclei in 1869, that later turned out to be DNA

  • Fredrich Miescher
  • Gregor Mendel


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