Introduction to Medical Inheritance: Patterns in Families - BM5 RCR1

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1. Two parents are heterozygous carriers of an autosomal recessive disease. What is the probability that their first child will have that condition?

  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%
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2. Which of the following is the most accurate definition for homozygous?

  • Having two of the same alleles at a locus
  • Having only one copy of a gene or DNA sequence in a diploid cell
  • Having two different alleles at a locus
  • Having two or more genetically different cell lines derived from a single zygote

3. Which of the following is key to making an accurate diagnosis of a genetic disease?

  • Detailed family history
  • A lunch full of high quality protein
  • Successful patella tendon reflex
  • Cheese-on-toast

4. True or false: male to male transmission never occurs in X-linked recessive conditions?

  • Pass
  • George
  • True
  • False

5. True or false: X-linked dominant characteristics are most common in women?

  • Bob
  • False
  • True
  • Pass


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