Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

GIS year one exam

  • Introduction
  • Systems 
  • Principle of geodosy
  • Spatial referencing and coordinate systems
  • Global positioning system
  • Data representation and storage
  • Getting data 
  • Spatial analysis
  • GIS outputs
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1. Which statement is incorrect about Boolean Operators?

  • Created set of operators that will produce/evaluate to true or false
  • Subsets of data that can evaluate as true/false are highlighted by these operators
  • Automatic spatial analysis is carried out by them once the relevant operators are produced
  • George Bool
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2. What is the issue in these list of characteristics for keyboard entry?

  • Text scanners can be used
  • Entry of data into a file onto a computer
  • Topological errors are identified but hard to eradicate and the scale of entry may differ
  • Used for attribute data that are only available on paper

3. Which one is the incorrect statement about scanning?

  • Resolution is an important component
  • It outputs raster and is then converted to vector
  • It is a manual digitization technique
  • Optical distortion is possible
  • The raster data will then need registering to provide a spatial reference across the grid

4. Which statement is incorrect about the AA route planner?

  • Indicate speed limits
  • Textual directions
  • Avoids certain types of roads
  • Quantifies map distances
  • Time estimates

5. Which is not a stage in the process of creating a spatial data model?

  • Analyse the data through creating union and interests
  • Identify features of interest
  • Choose how to represent the features conceptually
  • Turn conceptual representation into data model
  • Creature structure for data model so can be physically coded for use in a computer


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