Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

GIS year one exam

  • Introduction
  • Systems 
  • Principle of geodosy
  • Spatial referencing and coordinate systems
  • Global positioning system
  • Data representation and storage
  • Getting data 
  • Spatial analysis
  • GIS outputs
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1. Which element to SQL is incorrect?

  • "value"
  • (entity)
  • Operator
  • [fieldname]
  • Boolean, which is selected from table
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2. What do you not want to maintain accuracy in generalization and scale of a map?

  • Visual hierachy
  • Geometry
  • Entities
  • Attributes
  • Topology

3. Which is not a characteristic of a non coordinate system?

  • It uses number and quantitative data to locate spatial entities
  • Main example includes the postcode
  • A spatial referencing system used by a descriptive code
  • Descriptive code is translated in to coordinate system

4. What is it called when you collate all of the overlay data together?

  • Data analysis
  • Critical spatial analysis
  • Spatial multicriteria analysis
  • Spatial multiple data analysis

5. What is not a feature of geographic coordinate systems

  • Class Greenwich Meridian at 0 degrees east and west
  • Worked out by selecting point at the centre of the sphere which then intersects the point on the surface to show angular reference
  • Spherical earth
  • Provides a cartesian grid
  • Classes equator at 0 degrees north and south
  • Divides earth into latitude and longitude


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