Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

GIS year one exam

  • Introduction
  • Systems 
  • Principle of geodosy
  • Spatial referencing and coordinate systems
  • Global positioning system
  • Data representation and storage
  • Getting data 
  • Spatial analysis
  • GIS outputs
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1. What does the does the inside of the desktop contains?

  • Quantitative and qualitative data for spatial referencing
  • Specialist and non specialist tools for geographic information
  • Topological and non topological tools for earths surface measurement
  • Geographic and non geographic tools for spatial anyalsis
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2. Which is not an issue of conceptualization?

  • Boundaries
  • Direction
  • End user
  • Dynamism
  • Scale

3. What are the two integration methods of vector data?

  • Unions and buffers
  • Just unions
  • Union and intersects
  • Buffers and intersects

4. Which one is the incorrect statement about scanning?

  • Optical distortion is possible
  • The raster data will then need registering to provide a spatial reference across the grid
  • It is a manual digitization technique
  • Resolution is an important component
  • It outputs raster and is then converted to vector

5. What statement is incorrect about OS MasterMap?

  • Made up of 5 layers
  • It is the name of products created by OS that form a reference digital representation of the UK
  • Contains 450mn uniquely identified features which are updated daily


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