Introduction to Entrepreneurship

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1. Cognitive adaptability can be achieved by asking questions relating to:

  • Comprehension, connection, strategic , reflection
  • Education, knowledge, capability, success
  • Profits, market structure, reflection, sustainability
  • Environment, reflection, knowledge, sustainability
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2. Resources can represent a competitive advantage if they are:

  • Valuable
  • Substitutable
  • Common
  • Perfectly imitable

3. Ambidexterity involves:

  • Exploitation and exploration
  • Profitability and exploitation
  • Profitability and innovation
  • Exploration and innovation

4. Which recent event caused numerous entrepreneurial ventures to fail?

  • The financial crisis
  • US trade sanctions on Libya
  • Solar cell dumping from China
  • Spying from the NSA

5. Which of the following enables "Born Globals" to develop?

  • Lack of IT and transportation technologies
  • Product standardisation
  • Absence of networks abroad
  • Broad markets


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