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2. When shut a business be shut down?

  • Once grief can be anticipated
  • Immediately, to save money
  • Once grief recovery is completed
  • Once financial resources have been exhausted

3. According to eclectic theory, a country with significant ownership advantages but no internationalisation advantages should do what to sell in foreign markets?

  • Refrain from internationalisation
  • License its products
  • Set up a subsidiary
  • Export

4. Which four aspects of a firm's marketing mix may need to be adapted for different cultures?

  • Place, Produc, Price, Personal selling
  • Product, Packaging, Publicity, Price
  • Product, Price, Place, Promotion
  • Price, Publicity, Promotions, Product line

5. The iPod is an example of a:

  • Process innovation
  • Incremental innovation
  • Radical innovation
  • Business model innovation


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