Intrernational Relations: 1929-39

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1. How did the League react to the Italian invasion?

  • Economic sanctions
  • Commission of enquiry under Lord Lytton
  • Closed the Suez Canal
  • Banned Italy from the League of Nations
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2. When was the Sudeten Crisis?

  • June 1938
  • September 1938
  • January 1931
  • October 1929

3. Why did France not want to give up arms in the World Disarmament conference

  • France feared the Atomic Bomb
  • France feared further attack from Germany
  • France wanted to create an empire
  • France wanted to control Europe

4. Why did Britain and France not take action against Germany after the Austrian invasion?

  • Britain and France were afraid of Germany
  • France wanted influence in Austria
  • Britain believed that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh of Germany
  • Britain and France were weak

5. What was Anschluss?

  • Germany invading the Sudetenland
  • Expanding German territory
  • The union of Germany and Austria
  • Building a German sphere of influence


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