Intrernational Relations: 1929-39

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1. What did the Anti-Comintern Pact (1936) entail?

  • Japan and Germany agreeing to work together to oppose communism
  • Germany trying to break down the Eastern Bloc
  • Stalin attempting to expand the Soviet sphere of influence
  • France trying to turn Europe communist
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2. Who joined the Anti-Comintern pact in 1937?

  • USA
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany

3. Who signed the Rome-Berlin Axis?

  • Mussolini and Hitler
  • Haile Selassie and Mussolini
  • Churchill and Hitler
  • Hoare and Laval

4. When did WW2 begin?

  • 28th October 1928
  • 20th August 1939
  • 1st September 1939
  • 14th October 1932

5. Why did Britain and France not take action against Germany after the Austrian invasion?

  • Britain and France were afraid of Germany
  • France wanted influence in Austria
  • Britain believed that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh of Germany
  • Britain and France were weak


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