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2. Who was the President of Czechoslovakia?

  • Truman
  • Benes
  • Krushchev
  • Haile Selassie

3. How did the League react to the Italian invasion?

  • Banned Italy from the League of Nations
  • Economic sanctions
  • Closed the Suez Canal
  • Commission of enquiry under Lord Lytton

4. What was Grossdeutschland?

  • Hitler going to war with the USA
  • Hitler's policy of creating 'Greater Germany'
  • Hitler disarming
  • Hitler tearing up the Treaty of Versailles

5. When was the Nazi-Soviet Pact signed?

  • 4th November 1934
  • 16th June 1936
  • 23rd August 1939
  • 28th October 1928


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