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2. Ultimatum Game. Player has 10. If offer is accepted, both gain. If not, both loose.

  • Guth et al (1982)
  • Burnham (2003)

3. Testosterone levels are genetically determined in both genders.

  • Harris et al (1998)
  • Knoch et al (2006)

4. Ultimatum game behaviour observed in twins. Correlation of 0.39 in MZ twins, no correlation in DZ.. Though 42% of variance could be attributed to genetic factors.

  • Wallace et al (2007)
  • Harns et al (1998)

5. BAS correlated with higher amounts on ultimatum game and lower on dictator. Reward maximising.

  • Scheres and Sanfey (2006)
  • Knafo et al (2008)


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