International Relations 1918-45

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Cause of WWII -1
Failure of collective security
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Cause of WWII- 2
Lack of fair peace treaties
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Cause of WWII- 3
Failure to disarm
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Cause of WWII -4
Failure to create strong E. Europe
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Cause of WWII- 5
Failure to create economic stability
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What was Article 231?
Blamed Germany and its allies for causing WWI
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What laws prevented the USA going into war?
Neutrality Acts 1935-39
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What would Globalists claim regarding Hitler?
Hitler intended to gain world domination and estblish a new order worldwide
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What would Structuralists claim regarding Hitler?
Hitler was a opportunist who was reactive rather than proactive
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What would Continentalists claim regarding Hitler?
Hitler only intended to conquer Europe
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Name a Globalist historian
Milan Hanner or Gerhard Weinburg
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Name a Continentalist historian
Hugh Trevor Roper or Ebehard Jackel
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Name a Structurlaist historian
Alan Bullock
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The Southern front
El Alamein and Monte Cassino
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War at sea
Battle of the Atlantic and Battle of Midway
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Western Front
Dunkirk, Fall of France, D-Day landings
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Eastern Front
Stalingrad, Leningrad, Battle of Kursk and Operation Barbarosa
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What did Churchill refer to Dunkirk as?
'Miracle of deliverance'
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When was the World Disarmament Conference?
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Which treaty undermined Stressemanns policy of fufilment?
Treaty of Rapallo 1922
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Which 2 countries arguably caused WWII by remaining Isloationist?
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Which defensiv program eventually led to France being ill prepared for war in 1939?
Maginot line- 1930 onwards
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How many PMs did France have 1918-1939?
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Summerise R.J.Overy's interpretation of the causes of WWII
Various things could have stopped WWII,
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What economic policy did Goering impliment in 1936?
4 year plan
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Who declared war on Russia in 1939?
Hungary and Finland - 'The winter war'
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Lack of fair peace treaties

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