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2. intermolecular forces are _______ as/ than covalent, ionic or metallic bonds

  • the same strength
  • weaker
  • stronger

3. the boiling point of an alkane is higher if

  • it's a long, branched chain
  • it's a short, branched chain
  • it's a long, straight chain
  • it's a short, branched chain

4. london forces are found

  • between most atoms and molecules
  • between all atoms and molecules
  • between ionic atoms and molecules
  • between the same elements but not molecules

5. stronger london forces=

  • lower melting points
  • the same boiling point
  • higher boiling points
  • lower boiling points




Question 2 is wrong because H2O is a V-shaped molecule and not linear due to the lone pairs on oxygen so it wouldn't have 180 degree angle

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