Interactive audience responses

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1. Which artist often responds to their followers on Twitter, allowing them to participate through dialogue?

  • Foo Fighters
  • Stormzy
  • Katy Perry
  • All of them
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2. To promote her album Witness, Katy Perry filmed herself on youtube for a four day long livestream. How did she encourage an interactive response?

  • Posting it on social media
  • Speaking directly to the audience
  • Answering fan's questions
  • Encouraging her fans to watch the livestream

3. How can Interactive Audience theory link to another audience response theory?

  • An Interactive audience will share and spread texts, therefore members of the audience will become opinion leaders when applying their own opinions to a text when they share it
  • An interactive audience will respond in a particular way, linking to reception theory
  • An interactive audience will have particular needs fulfilled by the media products, therefor being appealed to by the Uses and Gratifications
  • An interactive audience will share and spread digital texts across multiple social media platforms

4. Which of these repsonses to an artist's album could be considered participatory?

  • Online reviews
  • Posting a cover of the songs
  • Listening to it online
  • Buying it

5. How does the Foo Fighters official website encourage audience participation?

  • Allowing them to send the band questions
  • Having links to merch, tour tickets and their new album
  • Having links to a forum, social media and newsletter on the front page
  • Allowing them to listen to their songs


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