Social democracy: education

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1. Social democrats believed that the tri-partite system needed...

  • to be kept but modified slightly
  • no changes, as it is a good idea
  • to be abolished and replaced by the comprehensive system
  • to be abolished and replaced by academies and free schools
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2. Social democrats agree with functionalism in the way that...

  • education has a key role in designating students' jobs
  • education has a key role in teaching the hidden curriculum
  • education has a key role in creating a skilled workforce
  • education has a key role in secondary socialisation

3. What are the key themes of social democracy?

  • Belief that meritocracy is currently implemented and is key for social solidarity
  • Looking at small scale interactions
  • Desire for meritocracy, but an understanding that the current system cannot deliver
  • Desire for revolution and complete abolition of capitalism

4. Inequality of outcome...

  • is desirable and inevitable
  • is undesirable but inevitable
  • causes the downfall of society
  • limits progression

5. What does Halsey argue?

  • The grammar-school system advantaged working-class kids as it allowed them to be judged on their intelligence, not background
  • The 11+ is a fair test of knowledge for all classes
  • The grammar-school system disadvantaged working-class kids and the 11+ tests middle-class culture
  • Comprehensive schools are not beneficial to society and encourage failure


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