Intensive Rearing

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1. What is a disadvantage to intensive rearing?

  • Meat is made widely avalible.
  • The animal are kept in small spaces usually with limited movement.
  • It means cheap meat is avalible.
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2. Why can disease spead easily?

  • As there are many animals in a small space.
  • As the animals are unhealthy.
  • As the animals are fed proteins.

3. What is intensive rearing?

  • Where humans breed other animals and plants for particular traits.
  • Where a farmer controls the condtions of where their animals live.
  • Where a farmer controls the time that animals live.

4. An advantage of intensive rearing?

  • Disease can spead easily.
  • The animals use a small quantity of energy so more meat is stored
  • So say it is not ethical.

5. What are growth promoters?

  • Swede
  • Antibiotics
  • Grass


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