MB1 - Intelligence

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1. Which of these facts about genes and intelligence is false?

  • Genes influence the environments we select to reach intellectual potential
  • There's a specific gene for each type of intelligence
  • The influence of genes on intelligence becomes stronger through adulthood
  • Genes account for 1/2-2/3 of variance
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2. What are the types of intellectual competencies described in Sternberg's Triarchic theory?

  • Motor, mathematical and linguistic
  • Analytical, practical and creative
  • Analytical, motor and mathematical
  • Linguistic, scientific and creative

3. What does the broad level of Carroll's Three-Stratum model include?

  • Crystallised, fluid and 6 other basic cognitive functions
  • Crystallised and fluid intelligence.
  • Roughly 70 cognitive, perceptual and speed skills
  • g-factor

4. Which of these statements is not specifically linked to Spearman's g-factor?

  • Relevant special skills will improve performance in a particular area of intelligence
  • Using factor analysis to investigate correlations between factors involved in intelligence
  • 9-49% of variance in abilities is due to a general factor
  • A general, core level of intelligence which determines performance

5. What type of test measures intelligence using novel problems that extend beyond prior learning?

  • Theory-based tests
  • Achievement test
  • Aptitude test
  • Weschler test


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