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1. why did mrs burling not got eva her job back?

  • because she wanted the baby to die
  • because she called herself mrs burling
  • because she was pregnant
  • because she was broke with no money
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2. what was eva smiths 2 names that she called herself?

  • daisy renton and eva smith
  • sally webber and eva smith
  • stevie lee and eva smith
  • eva smith and kacey smith

3. how much money did eric steal?

  • £35
  • £10
  • £50
  • £500

4. why did sheila want eva smith fired?

  • because eva was jealous that sheila was rich and that she was poor
  • because eva smith was more prettier that sheila
  • because she was jealous of eva smith as the dress suitted eva better her
  • because eva had a bad attatude over her dad firing her

5. why did eric steal the money?

  • because eric found out the eva smith was pregnant and that eva didnt have a job
  • because eric ran out to money to go and drink at the pub
  • because eric wanted the money all to himself
  • because eva made eric give it to her as his dad sacked her


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