Input, Output and Process

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1. The sequence of a system is like

  • Input --> Process --> Output
  • Input --> Output --> Process
  • Output --> Input --> Process
  • Process --> Input --> Output
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2. Quality assurance helps the product in:

  • Marketing the product
  • Meeting the standards
  • Modifying the product
  • Changing the Specification

3. Why is a flowchart used?

  • Used for a representation of data
  • It is the chanfe in output
  • To show the stages of a process in the right order
  • To show the stages of a process in an order

4. What is the system?

  • It consists with input, output and processes
  • It a collection of parts that work together do a function
  • It is the finished product
  • It collection of functions that work together to make a product

5. Quality assurance assures

  • There will be no mistakes
  • They will sue the company
  • There will be a great product
  • The consumers will be extremely happy


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