Input, Output and Process

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1. What is a Process?

  • It is the change that occurs to the input that then creates the output
  • It is just a change
  • It is what happens to the output to create the input
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2. Quality Assurance includes

  • Manufacturing the product consistently
  • Ingnoring recalls
  • Quality Control
  • Making the consumer happy

3. Another example of a system is:

  • Computer printing
  • Databases
  • Ecological
  • Socail

4. Quality Assurance involves

  • Good staff training and the people's rights
  • Good staff training, the checking of the quality of materials
  • Checking nothing but the product
  • The checking of the quality and the making of the product

5. What is the system?

  • It consists with input, output and processes
  • It a collection of parts that work together do a function
  • It is the finished product
  • It collection of functions that work together to make a product


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