injury and safe practice

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what precautions need to be covered so injury doesnt occur and safe practice does?
correct technique, safe practice, clothing, equipment, rules, environmental factors, code of conduct, appropriate warm-ups and cool downs
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definition of strain?
the overstretching of a muscle
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definition of sprain?
the overstretching or tearing of the ligaments at a joint
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example of correct technique?
for example, in rugby, full contact tackling is allowed and if the incorrect technique is used it could lead to serious injurys. this also applies to football
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an example of safe practice(e.g correct way to lift)?
making sure no jewellery is worn
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example of clothing?
light and loose clothing appropriate for dance but wouldnt be appropriate for trampolining
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what are the two types of equipment?
personal equipment and specific equipment. personal being what a performer needs, such as gum shield, batting helmet, gloves. specific equipment being frame potectors, trampoline, long jump pits
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example of rules?
wearing shin pads in football so it minimises leg and shin injuries and batting helmets in cricket minimises head injuries
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example of code of conduct?
the ways in which javelins are thrown and collected
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why is it essential for appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs?
reduces the possibility of injuries occuring
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what are the two common types of injuries?
impact injuries and internally caused injuries
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how are impact injuries caused?
caused when any form of contact occurs. this could be a strike of a cricket/rounders ball, or impact of another performer.
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what does internally caused injuries include?
overuse injuries such as tennis elbow or stress fractures. it is common for performers to experience sudden injuries such as sprains or strains.
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definition of strain?


the overstretching of a muscle

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definition of sprain?


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example of correct technique?


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an example of safe practice(e.g correct way to lift)?


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