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When populations are geographically isolated, there is ___, so their ___ are also isolated?
interbreeding, genes
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Define genotype?
The genetic composition of an organism.
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The genotype describes all the ___ that an organism contains?
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What is a mutation?
A change in the sequence of bases in DNA.
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A mutation may be inherited, if...?
It occurs in the formation of the gametes.
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Define phenotype?
The characteristics of an organism, often visible, resulting from both its phenotype and the effects of the environment .
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What is a modification?
Any change to the phenotype that does not affect the genotype, so is not inherited.
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What is a gene?
Length of DNA on a chromosome, normally coding for a particular polypeptide.
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The polypeptides that are coded for on the DNA, make up the ___ that are needed in the ___pathway that produces that characteristic?
enzymes, biochemical
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What is an allele?
One form of a gene.
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The position of a gene on a chromosome is known as the ___?
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Only one ___ of a gene can occur at the locus of any one chromosome?
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What are homologous chromosomes?
A pair of chromosomes that have the same gene loci and therefore dtermine the same features. Capable of pairing during meiosis.
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If the allele on each of the chromosomes is the same, the organism is ___?
homozygous for the character
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If the two alleles are different, it is therefore ...?
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The allele for the heterozygote that expresses itself in the phenotype is ___, while the one that is not expressed is ___?
dominant, recessive
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Give the names of the two different types of homzygous organisms based on the alles they have?
homozygous dominant & homozygous recessive
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The effect of the recessive allele is only apparent from the phenotype when..?
In the presence of another identical allele (homozygous)
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When are the alleles described as being co-dominant?
When both alleles for one gene contribute to the phenotype of a heterozygous organism.
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Give the term used to describe a gene that has more than two possible alleles?
Multiple alleles (however only two of the alleles can be present in a single organism)
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Define genotype?


The genetic composition of an organism.

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The genotype describes all the ___ that an organism contains?


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What is a mutation?


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A mutation may be inherited, if...?


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