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1. What is incomplete dominance?

  • Where all offspring are the same
  • A type of mutation
  • Where neither allele is dominant or recessive but they give codominance
  • Where one allele is dominant and overshadows the recessive allele
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2. What is an oncogene?

  • The gene that determines the sex of an individual
  • A gene that has the potential to cause cancer
  • One portion of a chromosome
  • A change in the number of chromosomes

3. What ratio does incomplete dominance give?

  • 1:2:1
  • 1:3
  • 9:1
  • 3:1

4. What is sex linkage?

  • Where genes occur on the same chromosome as the sex chromosome
  • The physical description of alleles
  • An example of dihybrid genetics
  • A type of gamete

5. What is aneuploidy?

  • Deletion of a nucleotide base in a DNA sequence
  • A change in the number of chromosomes that can cause a mutation
  • A change in the base sequence of DNA
  • A change in the structure of chromosomes that can cause a mutation


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