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2. What is the physical expression of the combination of alleles?

  • Phenotype
  • Genes
  • Genotype
  • Allele description

3. What is a mutation?

  • A combination of alleles
  • A change in the quantity, base sequence or structure of DNA
  • A portion of a chromosome that codes for one polypeptide
  • Alternate forms of a gene

4. What are unlinked genes?

  • A type of cell
  • Where multiple factors are observed at once
  • Where parents and offspring have a different genotype
  • An alternate form of a gene

5. What is complete dominance?

  • Where a dominant allele is expressed over a recessive allele
  • Where neither allele is dominant
  • Where none of the offspring produced show dominant alleles
  • Where a gene only has one allele


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