inhalation and exhalation

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1. which one of these is a main advantage for an alveolus carrying out its jobs

  • long distance between itself and the blood supply
  • rich blood supply
  • low surface area
  • close to the heart
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2. which of these cause the ribcage to move up and out during inhalation

  • high diffusion gradient
  • bronchioles
  • external intercostal muscles contract
  • diaphragm muscles contract

3. which of these cause the diaphragm to flatten during inhalation

  • diaphragm muscles contract
  • gaseous exchange
  • volume of chest cavity expands
  • external intercostal muscles contract

4. during exhalation which of these decrease in volume

  • ribs
  • alveoli
  • chest cavity
  • bronchioles

5. what allows air to flow into the lungs during inhalation

  • lower pressure in the lungs than outside the body
  • pleural membrane
  • the heart
  • alveoli


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