Infra by Wayne McGregor

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Who is the choreographer?
Wayne McGregor
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What company performs 'Infra'?
The Royal Ballet
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What dance style is 'Infra'?
Contemporary Ballet
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What are the stimuli for 'Infra'?
The Wasteland, a poem by T.S. Eliot and a portrait of life beneath the surface of the city.
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What are the choreographic intentions for 'Infra'?
Seeing below the surface, pedestrian language, and the 2005 London Bombings.
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What was the choreographic aim for 'Infra'?
To help the audience's eye in watching a complex structure.
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How many dancers perform in 'Infra'?
12 dancers (6 male and 6 female) + a crowd who cross the stage
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What is the duration of 'Infra'?
28 minutes
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Who is the composer?
Max Richter
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Who is the sound designer?
Chris Ekers
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Who is the costume designer?
Moritz Junge
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What is the performance environment?
Proscenium Arch
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Who is the staging/set designer?
Julian Opie
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Where can you see 'The Waste Land' in 'Infra'?
The computerised LED people walking above the dancers, "across a bridge". The distant radio waves, as if they are distant from the live action. The blurred edges of lighting suggesting the fog.
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Where can you see the London Bombings in 'Infra'?
The LED figures walking above the dancers showing how many were trapped underground that day. The male solo in Section 7 concentrating on loss. The final duet continuing as the curtain comes down showing life going on as normal.
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Describe the structure of 'Infra'.
Built using an episodic structure, there are highlights in Section 4, 6, and 7b. The climax is 6 duets in blocks of light.
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Describe the set of 'Infra'.
Black tabs and backcloth with a grey dance floor. A high LED screen shows a variety of LED people in black and white. This reflects the number of people on stage. The front curtain is also black.
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Describe the lighting in the first section.
3 large pools of light at mid intensity shine from overhead. They overlap slightly, with their edges blurred. White sidelights then fade in upstage, to light the third dancer.
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Describe the lighting in the fourth section.
6 rectangles of white light at mid-intensity line up downstage from stage left to stage right. The dancers are restricted to the rectangles - almost as if they are confined to seperate rooms. Towards the end of the section, the second rectangle exten
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Describe the lighting in the sixth section.
The lighting is a wash of a combination of shades of amber and yellow, with dark shadows streaking across. White sidelights from both stage right and stage left. The wash then becomes even paler, the intensity drifting away.
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What are the costumes made out of?
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What are the colours used for costumes?
Black, grey and white.
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Why do they have short skirts and shorts?
To highlight leg work
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Describe the aural setting during the first section:
A soundscape made up of short clips of people talking on the radio, electronic beeps. A faint electronic melody is introduced with string instruments playing long notes. Are we hearing sounds from above ground?
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Describe the aural setting during the third section:
The music starts suddenly with the change in light and dancers first lift. Found sounds are still there but lower in volume. A fast piano piece is played throughout the section, linked to the quick movement. String instruments compliment the piano
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Describe the aural setting during the fifth section:
Distorted shortwave radio noise and a percussive rhythm created electronically. A high pitched pipe sound accents randomly. It is masculine and powerful, just like the solo the male dancer performs.
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Describe the aural setting in the final section:
Full of harmony, hope and love, echoing the 'Waste Land'. The string quintet play and uplifting melodic piece.
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What happens in Section 7b?
Crowd walking across the stage as a solo female dancer demostrates grief and dispair.
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What company performs 'Infra'?


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What dance style is 'Infra'?


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What are the stimuli for 'Infra'?


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