Influence of childhood on romantic relationships

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1. Which study stated that Attachment theories like Bowlby's were rooted in American Culture?

  • Richard and Scheider
  • Qualter and Munn
  • Rothbaum et al.
  • Nangle et al.
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2. Which study stated that our attachment type changes throughout our life depending on past and present relationships?

  • Rollie and Duck
  • KirkPatrick and Hazen
  • Simpson et al.
  • Kagan

3. Which study found that when Czech twins were abused till 7 years old they were still able to form healthy romantic relationships later on in life?

  • Alpert et al.
  • Van der Kok and Fisler
  • Richard and Schneider
  • Koluchova
  • Bowlby

4. What did Erwin find?

  • There's no gender differences in childhood friendships
  • How adult relationships are aproached is based on an internalised self-value from interactions with peers as a child
  • Girls took part in more cooperative and sharing activities whereas boys took part in more competitive activities
  • Girls showed more imitate relationships and reported more care and trust in relationships than boys

5. Which study suggested that girls showed more imitate and caring relationships than boys?

  • Quarter and Munn
  • Erwin
  • Richard and Schneider
  • Nangle et al.


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