Inequalities- sexism and homophobia weeks 5 & 7 (part 1)

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1. Who states that ‘there is no known society where females are generally more powerful than men’?

  • Scriven
  • Ewles and Simnett
  • Clements and Spinks
  • Stonewall
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2. According to Clements and Spinks what were the findings of maternal unit research?

  • The amount of attention babies received boys receiving less than girls
  • Treating female and male babies the same
  • Family treated female and male babies differently- using words such as gentle for girls and bruiser for boys
  • Lower expected differences and those present were minor

3. In 2011 Conservative MP Dominic Raab said what?

  • ‘Feminists are now amongst the most obnoxious bigots’
  • ‘In today’s society the need for feminism is still evident on a larger scale’
  • ‘Feminists are justified in their work’
  • ‘Feminism if taken too far can pose threats to equality’

4. What is the name of the militant suffragette who ran out in front of the king’s horse in June 1913?

  • Millicent Fawcett
  • Flora Drummond
  • Emily Davison
  • Emmeline Pankhurst

5. In 2007 how was the population of Great Britain split between genders?

  • 51% women & 49 % men
  • 52% women and 48% men
  • 49% women & 51% men
  • 50% women and 50% men


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