Industrialisation In Russia - Vyshnegradsky

1. How many people died as a consequence of the 1891 famine?

  • 350,000 died from starvation
  • None as aid reached them in time
  • 100 from starvation
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2. What was Vyshnegradsky's way of decreasing imports?

  • 1891 Tariff Act setting all imported grain at 33%- protecting the Russian grain prices from abroad
  • Stop importing completely
  • Dump all exports out at sea

3. What was a key disadvantage to Vyshnegardsky's policies?

  • Lack of grain reserves meant there was a severe famine in 1891
  • He didn't export enough
  • He didn't tax the peasantry enough

4. What was Vyshnegradsky's motto?

  • We will starve ourselves but still export grain
  • Autocracy is the best

5. What was the situation like for grain exports between 1887-92?

  • Grain exports increased by 18% and the Russian budget was in surplus
  • It was stagnant


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