IGCSE Chemistry - Industrial Processes

The Haber Process and the Contact Process

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1. What is the Catalyst in the process of making Ammonia?

  • Alumina
  • Iron
  • Manganese Oxide
  • Vanadium Oxide
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2. What happens to the unreacted Nitrogen and Hydrogen from the Haber Process?

  • They are used in the industrial processes of making acids
  • They become chemically inert
  • They are pumped back into the reactor
  • They pass into a chimney where they are released into the atmosphere

3. What is the catalyst for the second stage of the Contact Process?

  • Lead
  • Vanadium Oxide
  • Alumina
  • Iron (II) Oxide

4. What pressure is needed for the second stage of the Contact Process?

  • 450 atm
  • 2000 atm
  • 2 atm
  • 200 atm

5. What is the first stage of the Contact Process?

  • Sulfur reacts with Ammonia
  • Adding liquefied sulfur to distilled water
  • Burning sulfur in air to make sulfur dioxide
  • Sulfuric acid is added to sodium hydroxide


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