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2. What is the third stage of the Contact Process

  • Sulfur trioxide is condensed and stored in pressurised containers
  • Sulfur trioxide reacts with water to form sulfuric acid
  • Sulfur trioxide reacts with hydrogen to form sulfuric acid
  • Sulfur trioxide reacts with ammonium to produce ammonium sulfite

3. What is solution mining?

  • Hot water pumped into salt deposits underground, reacts with the salt to form a solution and is pumped back up
  • Mining from salt deposits underground, the mined salt is sent back to the surface where it is added to water to form a solution

4. How are Hydrogen, Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide manufactured?

  • Evaporating brine
  • Electrolysis of brine
  • Reacting salt solution with hydrochloric acid

5. What happens to the unreacted Nitrogen and Hydrogen from the Haber Process?

  • They become chemically inert
  • They are pumped back into the reactor
  • They are used in the industrial processes of making acids
  • They pass into a chimney where they are released into the atmosphere


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