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2. a simple instrument with only 4 strings and a resonator, used to provide a drone to accompany singers or instrumentalists

  • tambura
  • bansura

3. Indian flute

  • bansuri
  • basuri

4. small set of 2 drums of different sizes which play the chosen rhythm cycles as well as improvised rhythms

  • tabla
  • table

5. has two sets of strings to create a distorted effect. fretless and has a metal fingerboard so the player can slide up and down the strings

  • sarod
  • seranji


Samuel Richardson


I like the fact these more difficult questions only have two options for answers in order to make difficulty more accesible. This doubles up as a spelling test for key terms on Indian Raga!



I think it is spelt Meend and not Mind, but thanks for the quiz

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