India- Energy Supply and Management

Why is wind energy unreliable?
Power cannot be stored so fossil fuels used to back up
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How many homes does Muppandal wind farm power?
1 million
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Give one negative of using biogas?
Biogas crops grown instead of food crops
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Give two positives of using biogas?
Reduces deforestation, creates cooking fuel with less health risks
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What is 'bottom up' development?
Small, localised, appropriate technology
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What is the population of India?
1.25 billion
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What is India's per capita income?
$1497 (£970)
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In which parts of India is biogas mainly used?
Poor, rural areas
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What % of India's population live in rural areas?
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Where in India is mining concentrated?
NE and Central India
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Give 2 incentives given to encourage investment in wind turbines
80% of cost reimbursed, tax payments are halted
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Why was Muppandal selected for a windfarm?
Has the highest potential wind energy
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What 2 things are used to generate biogas in India?
Cow dung and micro-organisms
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What 3 industries are important in West Bengal?
Steel making, chemical making and cement making
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India is the 3rd largest producer of which resource?
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Why does India need more energy?
Demand is increasing as they become more developed
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Why are powercuts frequent in India?
Poor infrastructure and demand is too great
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How many people in India have no access to electricity?
0.6 million
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How many villages are without power in India?
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Define energy mix?
The combination of energy types used to power a country's economy
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Which resource is used unsustainably across India?
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What genereates 40% of India's industrial output?
Small manufacturing enterprises
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Name 2 sustainable methods being used to manage energy supply in India
Wind farms and biogas
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What to 62% of Indian homes use for lighting?
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Cow dung cakes are an example of what?
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Which 3 resources contribute most to India's energy mix?
Oil, coal and combustables/waste
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What is predicted to happen to India's contribution to global emissions by 2025?
Expected to double
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How many homes does Muppandal wind farm power?


1 million

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Give one negative of using biogas?


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Give two positives of using biogas?


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What is 'bottom up' development?


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