India at the Time of the Buddha

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1. What was the soul known as at the time of the Buddha?

  • Something that guides our actions and responses
  • Something within you that determines your sense of self
  • Eternal and unchanging, of which was a central belief
  • Something that makes up human existence
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2. What needs to be controlled to renounce the soul?

  • Religion
  • The mind and body in order to cope with pain
  • Nothing
  • Animals

3. How could you damage your ritual purity?

  • By doing something morally incorrect with concerns to your religion
  • By not renouncing your soul
  • By coming into contact with anyone of a lower class to yours
  • By coming into contact with animals

4. Why was there competition during the time of the Buddha?

  • As they had different understandings of the world with a number of important ideas beginning to emerge
  • Boredom
  • They simply did not agree
  • Different beliefs

5. What is the force that drives reincarnation?

  • The Buddha
  • The universe
  • Karma
  • God


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