India at the Time of the Buddha

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1. What is duty?

  • To do their job
  • The idea that someone has a role to play within the universe of which was ordered
  • To be a good religious follower
  • To do what they are told
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2. What IS the soul?

  • God
  • You
  • Vedas
  • The Buddha

3. What is ritual purity?

  • Where they are dedicated to their ritual beliefs and teachings
  • The idea that the person is purer due to religion
  • A symbolic state where some are considered more ritually pure than others
  • Cleanliness of the society

4. What are Vaishyas?

  • Rulers and warriors the second varna
  • Merchants and farmers, the third varna
  • Servants and workers, the fourth varna
  • Priests and scholars, the highest varna of whom were very powerful

5. How is the nature of their duty determined?

  • By their doctrines
  • By their class
  • By their Religion
  • By what is expected of them


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