India at the Time of the Buddha

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1. What is seen as an obstacle when renouncing their souls?

  • The needs and desires of the physical body
  • Relationships with family/friends/partner
  • Possessions
  • Religion
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2. What do earliest Sanskrit texts describe the soul as?

  • Atman
  • The "Breath of the Divine"
  • It cannot be described
  • The "Breath of God"

3. Where is the soul supposed to be found?

  • All living beings, not only human beings
  • Higher beings
  • Only human beings
  • Animals

4. How is the nature of their duty determined?

  • By their class
  • By what is expected of them
  • By their Religion
  • By their doctrines

5. What was the society of Ancient India like?

  • Heirarchical
  • Equality
  • Democratic
  • Dictatorship


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