India at the Time of the Buddha

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1. What are the Shudras?

  • Servants and workers, the fourth varna
  • Merchants and farmers, the third varna
  • Rulers and warriors, the second varna
  • Priests and scholars, the highest varna of whom were very powerful
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2. What do earliest Sanskrit texts describe the soul as?

  • It cannot be described
  • The "Breath of the Divine"
  • The "Breath of God"
  • Atman

3. What was the society of Ancient India like?

  • Dictatorship
  • Heirarchical
  • Democratic
  • Equality

4. How could you damage your ritual purity?

  • By coming into contact with anyone of a lower class to yours
  • By coming into contact with animals
  • By doing something morally incorrect with concerns to your religion
  • By not renouncing your soul

5. What did people believe their soul had because of reincarnation?

  • Another chance
  • Thousands of previous lives
  • Nothing...
  • Positive/negative effects


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