India 1857-1900

why did Uk get involved with india in the first place
for trade, they wanted to share indias cotton and pepper and spices. By 19th Century they had become the UK no.1 overseas trading partner.
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What was all of UK trade run by in India?
East india company
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Monopoly of trade?
One company had to right to trade to an area, so the UK was only allowed to trade to east india company
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where were the east india company stations?
Bombay, Calcultta and Madras
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Mughal Empire?
Covered northen and central india between 16-18th centuries where t became the heart of islamic empire
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Believe there is one god (Allah) and that Muhammad is his final prophet. They follow the 5 pillars.
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Believes everything comes from spiritual truth.
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Pesant farming Caste in the Hindu society
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Solider in the Indian Army
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What caused the rebellion in may 1857
When troubles hit the east india company, rising on soliders within the company's bengal army lead to a widespread rebelllion about the new cartides issuesd for the enfield rifle
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What were the bullet made out of?
Pork and beef fat, Pork offended the muslims and beef the they withdrew the cartiges quickly.
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Where did the Mutiny spread
Thtoughout the Bengal army and within weeks and the NW province were in rebel hands and many british, officers,wives and children slaughtered.
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What was the government of India act passed?
1958 which transferred tje rights the east india company had to the british crown.
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Who was queen of india?
Queen victoria
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Rule, particularly british rule of india
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how many Hindus were in the indian society?
2/3 / 70%
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What were the majority of indians born into?
The hierachial system of caste which stated there social order would be determined by the accident of birth. No one could leave the caste which they were born into
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Childrens indian nanny emplyed by british families to look after their children while they were living in india
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Highest Hindu caste (priests)
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Kitchen boy
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How many Muslims were present?
20%, in Bengal there were peasants
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Found in the Punjab and grew apart from Hindus and Muslims in the 16 and 17th century.
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Believe in god, and that his only son ins Jesus who god sent to show everyone how to live in the right way
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Who was Viceroy of India?
Lord curzon
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How long was lord curzon viceory for?
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what helped the trade with India and British
Suez Canal in 1869, running between med sea and red sea, it reduced the travelling time greatly. It also encoruaged wives and children of the UK to come out to india
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Put into place to increase price of transported goods to make the local ones cheaper and allowing domestic industries to grow and devleop.
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What did Viceroy Lytton do?
1879, removed all import duties on lancashire cotton cloth.
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How much did UK invest in india
Recieved 1/10th of its overseas investment- 250£ m and by 1910 - 365£ m.
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Where did the UK work in india?
Indian civil service, and others in enterprises.
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what was the capital of British India?
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Anglo Indians
Somebody of mixed indian and british desent
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What was the indian view of the raj in 1900
They liked the british, they had given them jobs which ensured they had a home and food
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Why did they think it was an alien society?
They all spoke english and the Raj wasnt chosen by Indian people so they had no say in the matter
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Indian National Congress?
Set up in 1885 as an all indian political party but quickly became full on hindus.
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When was congress formed?
1885 as response to Iibert Bill
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What was all of UK trade run by in India?


East india company

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Monopoly of trade?


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where were the east india company stations?


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