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2. Final result:

  • Net profit
  • Total sales
  • Total Income
  • Gross Profit

3. [Final Subheading] Depreciation expense:

  • (percentage x price)
  • Equipment (percentage x price); Vans (percentage x price);Loan & Bank interest (percentage x price)
  • Equipment & Vans (percentage x price); Loan & Bank interest (percentage x price)

4. First heading with figure

  • Sales
  • Profit for the year
  • Purchases
  • Cost of sales

5. Second Heading no figure; followed by....

  • Sales; Less: Cost of sales; Opening Inventory; Trade recievables; Less: Closing inventory
  • Less: Cost of sales; Opening Inventory; Add purchases; Less: Closing inventory; Gross profit
  • Sales; Less: Cost of sales; Add purchases; Less: Closing inventory


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